Thursday, June 23, 2011

malas tapi harus

new baby.

this is my first step to a healthier and more fit body.
so, congratulations to me!
im not fat. and i don't plan to lose anymore weight.
but i want to stay health.and that's why i think exercise is important.
i have to do it even i hate it.

so, i chose this skip rope.
it looks easy and fun.
i can skip in my own space and time.
skipping is one of the best cardiovascular exercises around.
it works the most important muscle in your body- your heart.
but should be combine with the right food choices.

some say that it takes 28 days to create a habit.
i want this to be my habit. hopefully.
give me 28 days!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

show love to ayah

what is a father's day means to u?
for me, its a day we show our love to our ayah, daddy, papa or whatever u call ur father.
yes, its true we love our father everyday.
but how many times in a year u told ur father that u love him?that u adore him?that u wanna a husband like him?how u respect him?
once?twice? or maybe none?

so people, lets take this opportunity to say to ur father how they are mean to u.
this is how i show my love to ayah this year =)

a card. on behalf of along, kakngah, kaklang and kakbaby.

donashi. cute little donuts.nak makan pon tak sampai hati.tsk =_=

himpunan hadith-hadith soheh =)

selamat hari ayah!
i love u so much ayah.
i really can't imagine live without u.
i know i can always count on u. anytime and anywhere.
thank u for being the best ayah.
sorry for all my wrong doing.

father's love is a strong brick wall. lean on it, and u'll never fall.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

transformasi minda dengan membaca

minggu lepas kedai aku ade bukak booth dekat terengganu trade center (ttc) sempena dengan pesta buku.
from 9th-15th june 2011.
dengan kata lain minggu lepas aku memang busy kalah ketua kampung.
it was good. sales wasn't so bad.
dapat new book.and money.hehe.
happy but exhausted.

im not an exhibitor actually. im a promoter and a seller. tapi dah die bagi yang ni. pakai jela.

the booth: i-muslim

so people, meet my team.hehe

ani (left) and tini (right)

and this is mira.

till then.babai!

Friday, June 10, 2011

setelah menyepi.

hello loves!

dah lame aku tak update blog ni.
dulu mase mule-mule ade blog.
konon nak update semua esp. yang kenangan-kenangan manis tu.
pegi jalan-jalan ngan family, kawan-kawan.
sebab nanti aku dah tua aku boleh baca balik blog ni.
tunjuk dekat cucu-cucu aku betapa cool nya nenek dieorang zaman muda remaja dulu.
untuk remind diri sendiri betapa bertuahnya diri ni sebab ade family dan kawan yang baik.
tapi sume tu janji tinggal janji.
banyak gile aku nak cite tapi aku tak tulis.
dah agak dah.
aku memang hangat-hangat taik ayam.
perghh loser gile!

tapi takpe, nanti aku ade mase, aku update balik blog.
family vacation pegi cambodia,langkawi.
weekend dengan teman-teman.
working life aku.
walaupon takde yang nak bace blog aku, takpe.
tu tak penting.
sebab aku tulis blog memang untuk diri sendiri.

oh btw, im working today.
and today is SATURDAY!
cari duit lebih bai.
nak dekat-dekat raya ni kene cari duit lebih nak beli baju raya.

kata-kata motivasi untuk hari ni. happy working!