Sunday, April 14, 2013

bukit tabur

i have been to bukit tabur.
cannot recall what's the exact date, but somewhere in december last year.
and of course, for hiking.

so, for those yang nak hiking dekat bukit tabur, here's some informations.
hope it helps!

bukit tabur is located at Taman Melawati.
20km from the city, i guess.
i think the different of this bukit with others is it's from limestone quartz.
if u are geologist, u must know well about this kind of stone.

so hiking is quite challenging but enjoyable because all the way is only limestone.
got 90 degree steep i tell ya.
but beautiful.
please bring gloves for those yang nak jaga kelembutan tangan, especially women.
and make sure pakai kasut yang grip ok.
aku ari tu pakai sports shoes je.

at first, fifty-fifty jugak nak naik bukit tabur ni.
banyak rumours said too dangerous, plus makhluk2 halus what so ever.
tapi sebab support from friends, finally sampai la jugak.
terima kasih daun keladi.

ketinggian bukit tabur tak sure la berapa, but it took us 5 hours.
from top of the bukit, can see the view of kl and lakes.
seriously cantik.

enjoy the photos!

                                                                    see the limestone?

                                                                 come on, zanariah!                                                                     

                                                                         peace yo!

                                                               ika terer dah sampai atas

                                                       benti makan megi sambil enjoy view

                                                                    le photographer

                                                                   my favorite picca!

my advice bile nak hiking, go with friends who can give moral supports.
and confident!

p/s: all pics taken from amin's fb. without permission! hewhew

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  1. nice.Tabur is my favourite place especially west side.