Thursday, June 6, 2013

25th birthday

Alhamdulillah, last week marked the 25th year of me.
im a quarter of century! hehe

this year is really unforgettable birthday.
i received a lot of wishes and doas.
and received couple of presents.
i really hope Allah will be accepted all doas, so i can be better person.

this year, i celebrated birthday at rumah bakti al-kausar.
gosh, the kids are adorable *missing them*.
the birthday celebration planned by friends.
it still was a surprise, even faiz spoiled it a little bit.
haha pity faiz.

see, did i tell u the kids are adorable? now trust me.

awww this is sweet :')

birthday girl. teheeee :)

i thanked each and everyone of u who has wished and prayed for such good thing for me.
for every wish received, I pray that every single one of you receives triple of it more!
thank u Allah for all the people around me.
u sent me good people. Alhamdulillah.
may i use the age given by u for the right things.
so from the bottom and top and left and right of my heart, THANK YOU!
p/s: assalamualaikum ayah. may Allah sent my misses to u :')

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