Wednesday, April 10, 2013

i must remember.

it has been a month i left makkah and madinah.
i don't want to forget any single thing there.
i hope i won't.

remember when u saw Masjid An Nabawi, u felt so amazed because it's so beautiful.
beautifully desinged inside and out.
remember how it is made from beautiful marbles and glass.
remember how u kept told mak Masjid Nabawi is so beautiful.
remember for the first time u felt so close to Nabi Muhammad SAW when your first step in Masjid An Nabawi.

                                                                    Masjid An-Nabawi

remember when u lost in Raudah.
u cried.
but mak, kakngah and kakbaby waited for u at the door.
remember their faces. they worried u, so much.

remember Jabal Uhud.
remember the stories.
remember all these brave men berjihad.
how Saidina Hamzah R.A stood by Nabi Muhammad SAW until the end.
u also should be brave. i know u ni lembik, but try ok.

                                                                      Jabal Uhud

remember when u did ziarah wida'.
u visited makam Nabi Muhammad for the last time, to say good bye.
remember how hard u cried.
remember how u felt u don't want to leave Nabi Muhammad SAW.
remember how u prayed that u can come again visit Nabi Muhammad SAW.

remember ur feeling when u first time in ihram.
remember u always looked outside the bus to see the views from madinah to makkah.
remember how beautiful the mountain.
remember how scared u were when u first wanted to perform umrah.
remember how u keep reading buku panduan umrah, because u afraid u do mistakes.
remember how u really hope that your umrah accepted by Allah.
u should have that feeling everyday, everytime u perform ur solat.
i know u takdela warak sangat, kadang-kadang solat nak cepat je.
but try ok. try ur best =)

remember when u saw Masjid Al-Haram, u think it's so huge.
u never imagine the Masjid is huge as that.
remember the first time u saw kaabah, ur heart beats so fast, but u cannot tell anyone.
u just can't believe it's in front of ur eyes.
and automatically ur heart berzikir.
remember how u felt so fortunate because Allah chose u.
and u felt so embarrassed because all of this while, u not being a true hamba Allah, but still Allah loves u.
u should love Allah as well, with full of ur heart.

                                                                       Kaabah :')

remember when u did tawaf, u can't stop looking at kaabah.
remember kakngah held ur hand, because u r small, the possibility to lost is high.
remember the saie, from Bukit Safa to Bukit Marwah.
how u felt tired, but u r lucky because u are young.
remember u saw older people that very passionate to complete their saie.
remember how u looked out for mak during the saie to make sure mak is ok.
Alhamdulillah, everyone is ok.

remember u went to Gua Hira', remember how excited u were bacause hiking is one of ur hobbies.
remember the place Nabi Muhammad SAW got his first wahyu.
remember the goat, so cute.
but then, there are a lot of rubbish there.
remember how u felt so disappointed because people throw their rubbish just like that.
hope there are some people who can clean that place.

                                                                            Gua Hira'

remember the taste of air zam-zam.
remember how Allah Almighty can supply air zam-zam for thousands years.

remember the journey to visit kubur ayah.
u cried so hard, others too.
remember how u kept read al-fatihah non-stop.
remember the kubur of ayah.
don't forget to doa ayah always ok.
be a good daughter, ayah must be happy =)

                                                        Allah, pelihara ayah baik-baik :')

remember when u performed solat subuh inside Masjidil Al-Haram.
u cried so hard because it was the time mayat ayah disembahyangkan, at the same place u prayed.
remember how u felt so grateful because there were thousands of people who prayed for ayah.
may Allah rewards ayah for all his good deeds.

remember how Along make sure we are all safe.
such a good leader.
remember how mak always take care of us, our health.
such a loving mother.
remember how kakngah and kakbaby always held ur hand.
such a caring sister.
                                                 thank u Allah, for these precious people :)

remember mahfuzah.

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