Sunday, June 19, 2011

show love to ayah

what is a father's day means to u?
for me, its a day we show our love to our ayah, daddy, papa or whatever u call ur father.
yes, its true we love our father everyday.
but how many times in a year u told ur father that u love him?that u adore him?that u wanna a husband like him?how u respect him?
once?twice? or maybe none?

so people, lets take this opportunity to say to ur father how they are mean to u.
this is how i show my love to ayah this year =)

a card. on behalf of along, kakngah, kaklang and kakbaby.

donashi. cute little donuts.nak makan pon tak sampai hati.tsk =_=

himpunan hadith-hadith soheh =)

selamat hari ayah!
i love u so much ayah.
i really can't imagine live without u.
i know i can always count on u. anytime and anywhere.
thank u for being the best ayah.
sorry for all my wrong doing.

father's love is a strong brick wall. lean on it, and u'll never fall.

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