Wednesday, November 9, 2011

12 things

things i wanna do and be.

1- be a morning person (what ayah did)
2- improve my solat
3- read quran everyday
4- be patient
5- be a good student. commit and enjoy my phd (yawn.haha)
6- read a lot of book
7- settle my work on time
8- travel
9- spend quality time with family and good friends
10- appreciate people
11- perform umrah (please pray for me)
12- take care of mak.

nothing is impossible with a willing heart. and i know u have that willing heart, girl.

i hope that's me.

p/s: kakngah said, "kite kene kuat sebab kite kene jage mak". i will, for u mak.insyaAllah

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