Sunday, February 20, 2011

Allah knows best for every each of us

being a heart-broken isn't easy.
i experienced it. long time ago.
and even u got other bf after that, deep down in ur heart, u still wanna know about ur ex.
still searching his fb. look at his recent pictures. do care about his recent gf.
like it haunted u. forever.

but as u grow up. u become wiser.
start to believe about jodoh. that it's a destiny.
jodoh pertemuan di tangan tuhan.
believe that Allah knows best.
that Allah has a better plan for u about your jodoh.
that's why u broke up with him.
because He got another good guy for u =)

when u feel like nobody understands u.
when your heart hurts so much and no one can heal it.
when u don't know what to do except crying.
u know Allah always there for u.
this is just Allah's way. to make your spirit strong.

p/s: one friend said to me, "kadang-kadang Allah bagi kesusahan dekat kite mungkin sebab taknak kite lupekan-Nya. manusia memang mudah lupe bile senang."

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