Tuesday, April 5, 2011

secondhand smoke

now lets talk about secondhand smoke.
im sure u guys are pretty familiar with that.
for those who don't, let me explain to u first.
this is very important. like seriously.
so please continue read this even u don't feel to drop any comment =).

secondhand smoke comes from both the smoke that smokers exhale (called mainstream smoke) and the smoke floating from the end of the cigarette, cigar, or pipe (called sidestream smoke).
it may seem pretty harmless, but secondhand smoke actually contains thousands of chemicals — from arsenic and ammonia to hydrogen cyanide.
high concentrations of many of these chemicals are found in secondhand smoke.
in fact, secondhand smoke significantly increases a person's risk for:
  • respiratory infections (like bronchitis and pneumonia)
  • asthma (secondhand smoke is a risk factor for the development of asthma and can trigger attacks in those who already have it)
  • coughing, sore throats, sniffling, and sneezing
  • cancer
  • heart disease
so people, please take this seriously.
being a secondhand smoke is really dangerous.
for smokers, please take ur smoke breaks outside.
smoke away from people especially kids and anyone who's pregnant.
please feel some responsibilities to others who don't smoke.
we don't want to be in danger because of u, smokers.


p/s: im a secondhand smoker.like everyday.omg i don't want to die young!