Sunday, October 24, 2010

im ok

today is so much better than the past two days.
thank u Allah for giving my strength back.
im able to put a big grin on my face again =).

a big thanx to those who care.
my schoolmates. jenna,chesu, kakngah.
kept sms me whether im ok or not.
and thank u to dayah for a warm hug.
my beloved and favourite sister always, kaklang.
sorry for made u worried.
last but not least, kak meja.
i know u worried me too much.i appreciated that.
but im good.dun worry.

nothing much happen today.
got a lab test in the morning.
i guess it was ok.i didn't study.blame me if i don't score.
and also my jacket that i purchased via the internet dah sampai.yeay!
but not very satisfied.
macam tak chantek pulak nampak.
its more to cardigan i guess.
not very look like a jacket.*tertipu*

not really nice kan?

oh and also got a free i-panema button.

flower-flower.i loike!

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