Thursday, October 7, 2010


i don't know what to do.
i don't know what's the best for me.
im afraid making decision.
what if i make a wrong decision?
what if i will regret with my decision?

ayah said, don't go.
my heart said, go!this is my opportunity.
this is what i felt yesterday before the conversation via skype with greg.

greg asked us what religion we are.
and u know, muslims with u.s.a.
they are very hard to make a good connection.
greg said that they cannot tolerate to give the prayers' time which is about only 10minutes per prayer.
greg asked us whether we can do our prayer fast and quietly.
but they do to welcome us if we r agree.

after the conversation.
yes, im having the second thought.
when it comes to religion problems, i must to think it twice.or triple.or even more.
but still, i don't know what's the best.

oh don't get me wrong.
islam itu mudah.
islam bukan penghalang untuk kite berjaye.
islam is my first priority.
i know from the first place, there must be some discrimination to muslims in usa.
plus, im wearing hijab.
which obviously show me that i am a muslim.
i do proud wearing hijab.
and proud to be a muslim.
islam is the best religion.

i know, this is why ayah really don't want me to go there.
because of the religion problem.
but still, deep in my heart, i want to go there.
i hope i can do the best decision for me and my religion.

may Allah always be with me.....

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