Saturday, November 6, 2010

meet my nieces

last nite went to kaklang's house.
kaklang rajin masak-masak buat makan.
jemput aku and along satu family.
a small family gathering.

it always fun when it comes to family.
because u know the smile they gave was not fake.
because u know u can always count on them.
because u know they are willing to do anything best for you.
because u know they won't hurt u.
the smiles and laughs were sincere.i love it.
and thank u Allah again for giving the best family to me.

oh and these budak-budak kecik memeriahkan always.
kids are cute and adorable!
so people, meet my cute nieces.

from left: ayu, aisyah and maisarah

see. they r very good cousins.

bagus.main same-same.

cik nor loves all of u lah!

p/s: bile nak dapat nephew pulak?takde hero.


  1. awwww look at them.
    yes.cute and adorable.
    makes me wanna squeeze their cheek to death.
    takde nephew eyh?
    xpe nnt ade la tu rezekinye pujeh.

  2. kannnn?
    hero belum ade lg.hukhuk.